GoSecure Acquires Covail to Augment Managed Security Services

Acquisition enhances Artificial Intelligence and automation of GoSecure Titan Platform.

Cybersecurity Expert Services

Improve your cybersecurity, risk management, and trustworthiness capabilities with offensive testing and compliance assessments.


AI and Automation Expert Service

Improve your decision-make and scale your digital processes with expert-led intelligent automation engagements.

AI & A

Vulnerability Management Solution

Easy-to-use tool to manage real operational risks by aligning to threat frameworks.


Attack Detector Solution

Attack Detector Solution

Extend detection coverage to include initial foothold attacks against identity and access systems.


Make Secure and Intelligent Operations a Reality

Covail helps organizations reduce cyber risk, increase efficiency, and become more resilient as they continue to grow their digital business operations. Our focus is on lowering real risks, operational costs, and time-to-detection to help your business thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

Covail is your trusted solutions partner that measurably improves your business to leave you stronger when we are done.

Want to work with us?

Get an initial cybersecurity risk analysis of your business and recommended solutions to protect your data, network, and online presence.

Learn How Best to Apply Intelligent Automation to Your Cyber Operations

Request an initial operations analysis of your cybersecurity workflows to see how AI or automation can reduce cost, speed up operation, and derive more value from your data.

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