Accelerate Intrusion Detection & Response with CovailTM Attack Detector Solution (ADS) Defenders Need to Be Faster Than Attackers

Incident responders beat attackers when the time to detect and respond is less than the time to breach. However, breach studies have repeatedly shown that incident responders struggle to detect attacks inside their networks quickly enough to prevent loss. The longer the intrusion detection time, the more damage attackers do, and the more likely they are to cause a breach. Long mean detection time is driven by detection gaps around techniques typically abused after attackers gain an initial foothold.

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What Is Your Time to Detection?

Covail Attack Detector Solution: Reveal Your Digital Adversaries Faster

The Covail Attack Detector Solution complements a zero-trust multi-layered security strategy by extending detection coverage of initial foothold attacks against identity and access systems. Focusing on breaking the attack chain with early detection and targeted response reduces the risk of losing confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).

We Fill a Detection Gap Around Identity and Access Systems to Accelerate Intrusion Detection and Response

Covail Attack Detectors Solution applies machine-learning technology to raw Windows event logs to close the detection gap of the most common and impactful attacks against identity and access control systems.

Covail ADS enables incident responders to:

Lower mean time to detect attacks against DC
Easily deploy with minimal maintenance
Lower mean time to respond to attacks against DC
Avoid disruption of incident response workflow

To Find Critical Threats You Need Specialized Monitoring

Enterprise security protection requires more than just run of mill SIEM monitoring. To detect increasingly more sophisticated attacks, you need specialized detection solutions monitoring a dedicated part of an attack surface for deep understanding and continuous adaptation. Covail ADS delivers specialized monitoring for your identity and access control systems that bolster your current SIEM and SOAR ability to tune into attacks currently not detected by a SIEM.

Covail ADS Solves Common Challenges in Quickly Detecting Threats

Unknown Attacks

Understand the DC attack surface and underlying tactics, techniques, and procedures that attackers use in the wild

No or Limited DC Logs

Optimize DC logging to increase visibility of your attack surface

No or Limited Detectors

Tap a suite of 12+ probabilistic detectors for high-risk attacks

Inaccurate or Slow Detectors

Provide tuning and real-time processing (our sweet spot)

Cryptic Alerts

Give actionable alerts with who, what, when, where

Fighting Against Tools

Avoid custom agents and collectors by using built-in Windows event forwarding—deliver alerts directly into your workflow and eliminate maintenance headaches with cloud processing

Ignoring Noisy Tools

Regularly test and report on detection accuracy and speed

Domain Controllers Are a Critical Security Blindspot

Breaches are regularly tied to identity compromise. Access to all systems is controlled by identity. After compromising an initial identity, attackers often follow the identity snowballing playbook: locate the target system, understand who can access it, and gather identities until they have access. A key target for gathering network information and identities are domain controllers, which provide network authentication; manage domain identity via Active Directory; and store a list of domain users, groups, and computers. Attack Detector Solution (ADS) provides rapid situational awareness for attacks against Domain Controllers (DCs), which are likely to happen early in the attack life cycle and are impactful, but often go undetected.

Covail Augments Your Security Architecture

ADS complements your security architecture by providing detection-as-a-service: bringing situational awareness to incident responders without agents, collectors, or another pane of glass.

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