Getting Analytics/AI Projects to Take Root

Experts from Cardinal Health and Covail hosted a panel discussion on Organizational Change Management (OCM) to discuss what drives project success, including the special role analytics professionals play in defining the right “change adoption” metrics. This insight is critical because, as you know, measuring the wrong things can lead to unintended outcomes.

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Data Scientists: Data Science Can’t Have Just One

In late 2010, Thomas Davenport and DJ Patil published an article titled “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21stCentury.” They didn’t coin the phrase, but since their article two things have happened: the phrase “data scientist” has been used with increased frequency, and my wife has become truly tired of me reminding her about […]

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Intelligent Automation: Liberation for All

Covail will guide you through an hour-long virtual executive series to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, and how they can enable more Intelligent Operations (IO) for your business.

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Maximize your ROI on Cyber Security Tools by leveraging Offensive Security

Join the Covail team for a complimentary 60-minute webinar to learn about Themed Adversarial Strategic Response engagements and the need for continuous Adversarial Emulations to test your investments.

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Embrace Uncertainty in Machine Learning Models to Maximize Business Value

In this blog post, we will explore a way in which models can be more useful, by embracing and leveraging uncertainty to maximize business results.

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Pandemic Tested – Understanding the Resiliency of your Business Rapidly with Integrated Risk Management

As the nation grinds through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are collectively experiencing a significant business continuity and disaster recovery situation, and it is happening in real time.

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Partnering with Pelotonia to Shift Gears with Classroom Data Analytics

I am a recent graduate from Miami University and as I reflect on how far I have come with data since that moment, I attribute the immense growth to the countless learning opportunities I have had since then.

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Continuous Audit – Achieve More Through Analytics

Hear from senior managers and executives from Nationwide discuss how their department partnered with Covail to expand the use of data & analytics by building a continuous auditing program in the cloud.

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