Columbus Collaboratory Rebrands as Covail

Covail—Trustworthy, Intelligent Operations. Accelerated. As of May 7th, Columbus Collaboratory is now Covail™. A new name means an expanded vision as a national brand, a deliberate measure taken as we extend into broader territory. It also reflects the unification of automation, AI, and cybersecurity under a focused portfolio. This change—a long time in the making—is […]

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Covail Longer Meetings Blog

We should have longer meetings (and some shorter ones, too)

I’ve had the opportunity throughout my career to work with amazingly talented technical individuals. The things they can do with computers in a relatively short period of time is impressive. I learn something new from them every day.

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How Nonstandard Operations May Impact Enterprise Security as COVID-19 Spreads

As enterprises everywhere brace for the impact of COVID-19 on their day-to-day business functions, I’d like to remind information security and business continuity practitioners to specifically think about the impact nonstandard operations could have on their security programs.

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Preparing for COVID-19- An InfoSec Perspective

COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed our lives but immediately changed our corporate threat profiles by extending our cyber attack surface and increasing our exposure to all kinds of attacks from authentication to human error.

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The Cyber Resilience Impact of a Pandemic Outbreak

Everywhere you look there is evidence of the growing concern over the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Things like toilet paper being stockpiled, hand sanitizer and disinfectant being stationed around your workplace, and coworkers getting alarmed when you cough are a few examples.

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The Best Moments of 2019

At Columbus Collaboratory, we work across all industries to develop cybersecurity and AI solutions that drive measurable business results. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach because it allows companies to accelerate learning, adopt best practices, and lower the time and risk associated with realizing business value from proven approaches and solutions.

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Matt Wald Columbus CEO Article

Columbus CEO Article Open, Smart, Sharing, Connected Featuring Covail (formerly Columbus Collaboratory)

In an article featured in the Columbus CEO, author Chloe Teasley applauds the recent transformation of Columbus Collaboratory from a fellowship serving seven major corporate investors to a company that can now sell its services to the broader business community.

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Covail Offensive Engagements Improve InfoSec Program

Use Offensive Engagements to Improve Your InfoSec Program in 2020

Warfighters have used offensive engagements to improve their planning and execution for centuries. Military planners “red team” battle plans with dedicated teams designed to emulate the adversary’s capabilities and behaviors.

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Columbus Collaboratory is now Covail™

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