Why Join an ISAO? The Network Effects of Threat Intelligence Sharing

Join us for this webinar presenting the benefits of networking with your industry peers to share intelligence about threats and vulnerabilities. In today’s environment where the threats seem to intensify, it’s critical to know who to trust.

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useR! 2019 – Covail

useR! is the main meeting for R enthusiasts, users (useRs) and developers in the world. This year the conference was hosted in the beautiful city of Toulouse in France.

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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Drive Enterprise Decision-Making

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Gary Drenik spoke with Covail’s VP AI & Automation , Brian Sampsel, about how companies are responding to AI as a tool for business forecasting.

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Cybersecurity and the Riemann Hypothesis

I was taken with an article I read recently, on a seminal construct in mathematics called the Riemann Hypothesis. The article talked about how researchers at Emory University had made progress toward proving that a central concept – one that has existed in mathematics for 160 years and upon which so many other mathematical principles are based – is in fact true.

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Tapping Into the Value of Analytics Through Use Case Discovery Workshops

We’ve all heard promising statistics about how investing in data analytics can drive powerful returns, yet in a recent Bain survey of companies that are heavily invested in big data, a full third said they lack a clear strategy for embedding data and analytics into their companies.¹

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4 Key Takeaways from Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

If there’s one thing that the very opinionated and often fractious IT and cybersecurity field can agree on, it’s this: Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is the one security report you should read every year. Not skim; read.

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Me and My Shadow Hit InfoSec 2019: Here’s What We Heard

I recently attended the 12th annual Central Ohio InfoSec Summit—my fourth InfoSec event since returning home to Ohio from DC and shifting from the public sector to commercial sector practice. It was a unique event for me as a speaker and mentor representing Covail.

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