Join Our Trusted Security Community to Share and Learn More About Threat Intelligence

Covail’s security community, also known as an ISAO (information sharing and analysis organization), is a trusted peer network of cross-industry cybersecurity experts who work together to outsmart bad actors by working in collaboration through workshops, training, summits, and more.

Collaboration Can Be Your Best Defense

As a member, your organization will be empowered to:

Assess your security strengths while identifying vulnerabilities
Identify gaps in your security program
Share knowledge on tools and practices that work
Drive competitive advantage and reduce costs through learning
Collaborate with others who share your challenges
Operationalize threat intelligence into your security program

Is Joining a Security Community for You?

Schedule a demo to see why Covail’s ISAO is one of the most trusted peer networks for sharing cybersecurity threat information.

Collaborate with the Most Trusted Defenders of Cybersecurity

Security Communities

Even if your company has made a minimal investment in dedicated cybersecurity staff, technology, or process, your organization can benefit from peer-to-peer insights and relationships within a trusted community. Covail’s Security Community members benefit from:

  • A steering committee

  • Access to Covail’s ISAO TruStar enclave and other tools where detailed threat reports are created and shared

  • Monthly meetups between security executives to discuss trending threats and best practices

  • Collaboration channels with active participants focused on topics like the MITRE ATT&CK framework, security operations automation, and more

  • Access to threat intelligence for the latest situational awareness

  • The opportunity to participate with peers in advanced training and education sessions

  • Threat reports shared by collaborators on trending, common attacks and threat-actor dossiers to support attribution


Learn More About Our Security Community (ISAO)

The Covail Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) is a security community dedicated to elevating the security of its members through collaboration. Download our Security Community Fact Sheet to learn more about the benefits of membership.

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