Columbus Collaboratory Uses Data Analytics to Help Pelotonia Raise Money for Cancer Research

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 17, 2019) – Columbus Collaboratory, a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries that delivers business value through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions, teamed up with Pelotonia to help the nonprofit organization use data analytics to increase its reach and impact within the community.

Pelotonia is a grassroots organization that raises money to accelerate funding for innovative cancer research. The centerpiece of its year-round fundraising efforts is a three-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. Columbus Collaboratory members have sponsored Pelotonia and teams of riders over the years, making this data collaboration a perfect synergy of the missions of both organizations.

“The Collaboratory’s efforts to help our organization leverage data provided us with valuable insights about our constituents’ behaviors, enabling us to create better experiences for our community,” Pelotonia Chief Operating Officer Joe Apgar said. “We are fortunate to have partners in the community like the Collaboratory who share our vision for a cancer-free world.”

“It’s been great to partner with Pelotonia over the past few years not only as a rider and a donor, but also as a service provider,” said Brian Sampsel, Columbus Collaboratory Vice President. “We were honored to assist their efforts through our application of analytical techniques. Analytics can add value to any type of organization, and we were able to help Pelotonia on several projects that will help enable their future growth.”

Columbus Collaboratory focused on two projects: Rider Retention and Data Duplication.

Rider Retention: Pelotonia wanted to target previous riders with a personalized campaign that would help retain them in the future. Columbus Collaboratory developed an advanced analytics solution that predicted with greater than 90% accuracy which riders would likely return (or not return), helping Pelotonia tailor its retention efforts and improve its fundraising.

Data Duplication: After dealing with several software transitions since inception, Pelotonia had encountered some duplication of CRM data records in its database (e.g., multiple email addresses for the same participant), causing many time-consuming inefficiencies for the staff. The Collaboratory developed a matching algorithm that aggregates similar records and enables automated record retrieval, cleaning up 120,000 records and saving significant time internally.

“Giving back to the community is woven into the fabric of our company,” said Matt Wald, President and CEO at the Columbus Collaboratory. “Pelotonia is making major contributions to the fight against cancer, both here in central Ohio and beyond. Their team is first-rate, and we look forward to continuing the partnership in the future.”


About Pelotonia

Founded in 2008, Pelotonia was established with the objective to fund life-saving cancer research. As a centerpiece of its year-round fundraising efforts, Pelotonia hosts a three-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. In the first ten years, Pelotonia has raised over $184 million for cancer research. Thanks to its generous funding partners—American Electric Power Foundation, Huntington Bank, L Brands Foundation, Peggy and Richard Santulli, Harold C. Schott Foundation, Cardinal Health, Diamond Hill Capital Management, and Nationwide—Pelotonia is able to direct 100 percent of every dollar raised by its participants to cancer research at the OSUCCC – James. For more information, visit

About Columbus Collaboratory

Columbus Collaboratory is a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries (American Electric Power, Battelle, Cardinal Health, L Brands, Huntington Bancshares, Nationwide Insurance, OhioHealth) that delivers business value to its members through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Our unique model surfaces shared, complex challenges and operationalizes cognitive and machine learning technologies for our member companies and the broader market. We make this possible by capitalizing on the collective know-how possessed by our team, collaborating companies and partners. As a result, we strengthen Ohio’s IT and analytics workforce and secure the region’s future as a national leader in technology innovation. For more information, please visit and follow @cbuscollab.

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