Donatos Partnership with Columbus Collaboratory Provides Significant Cost Savings

Intelligent automation helps Donatos streamline operations to add to its bottom line

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 2, 2019)-Donatos has partnered with the Columbus Collaboratory on several key projects that have resulted in significant savings for the 56-year­ old family-owned pizza company. 

“We are pleased with the work that we were able to do internally through our partnership with the Columbus Collaboratory this year,” said Kevin Myers, chief marketing and information officer at Donatos. “One of the keys to the success of our business has been our consistency through the systems we have in place. However, it is imperative to continually tweak these systems over time to make sure they are still best-in-class practices within the ever-changing technology landscape. Through this partnership, we have gotten even better at what we do —serving the best pizza and making our customers’ days a little better.” 

Some key areas this partnership focused on were identifying fraud (discounting errors or coupon misuse) better, improving sales forecasting to enable optimal product ordering and appropriate staffing, and enhancing training through identifying opportunities in the onboarding process. 

Prior to this partnership, some of Donatos’ key processes were manual and relied on the expertise of the front-line associates. In preparation for growth to a national footprint, and to maintain its industry-leading status as an attractive franchisor, Donatos sought help from the Columbus Collaboratory in applying intelligent automation to several of these internal processes. The solutions created involved techniques ranging from the implementation of business rules to the application of machine learning models. These solutions were implemented in Donatos’ environments where they could be used by restaurant management the very next day. 

About Donatos Pizza

Donatos was founded in 1963, when Ohio State sophomore Jim Grote bought a small pizza shop in Columbus, Ohio from a young seminarian for $1,300. The company was classified “Best in Class” and acquired by McDonald’s Corporation in 1999, at a time when the burger giant was buying small concepts. McDonald’s sold the chain back to Grote and his daughter, Jane Grote Abell, in 2003. The creator of Edge to Edge® pizza, Donatos and its franchise partners operate 161 restaurants in 10 states, and its products are proudly served in more than 15 sports and entertainment venues. For more information, visit, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram

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