Predictive Staffing Predictive Staffing Provides Automated Solutions That Match Staffing Levels to Anticipated Demand

Determining effective staffing levels can be a guessing game based on gut feel or what has been done previously, often leading to understaffing or overstaffing—both of which may affect profits, frustrate staff, and impact customer satisfaction.

Covail’s Predictive Staffing solutions enable companies to make smarter resource decisions by using machine learning models to forecast business demands.

Predictive Staffing Allows You to:

Gain certainty that staffing levels are appropriate, even as needs fluctuate

Prevent staff frustration and loss of peak revenue due to overstaffing or understaffing

Stay in compliance with regional staffing regulations that prevent on-call staffing

Maintain sufficient staffing levels for greater customer satisfaction

Anticipate future hiring needs

Anticipate surges where additional help could be required

Know Your Business Needs Through Predictive Staffing and Resource Scheduling

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Balance Staff Supply with Demand

Understaffing vs. Overstaffing

The act of staff planning usually means walking a tightrope between two issues: overstaffing and understaffing. Often, the primary cause for overstaffing and understaffing is not a mismatch between staff and expected demand but rather a result of actual demand not aligning with projected demand.

When understaffed, you are unable to meet the demands of your business, which overburdens existing staff and can lead to frustration and turnover. Understaffing also disappoints your customers, leading to lost sales or low satisfaction scores.

On the other hand, overstaffing wastes money and resources by keeping idle or unproductive staff on shifts. This also leads to staff frustration and turnover because they are not entirely needed or being most effectively utilized. In practice, we’ve seen our solution lead to a potential two-thirds reduction in overstaffing at just one location within a company.

Predictive Staffing Resources

Predictive Staffing and Resource Scheduling

Covail’s Predictive Staffing solutions enable companies of all sizes and in all industries to make smarter resource decisions by using predictive analytics and machine learning models to forecast business demands.

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