Deliver Messages with Rapid Routing (R²) Improve the Customer Experience While Saving Time and Money Through Automated Routing

Rapid Routing (R²) is a more consistent, accurate, and efficient approach to automated routing that gets information to the right place faster and more accurately. It uses machine learning (ML) algorithms, robotic process automation (RPA), and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to instantaneously categorize and respond to multiple inquiries via chat, email, or phone. 

The Benefits of Rapid Routing (R²)

Automatically categorizes and routes requests to appropriate teams for faster resolution and response

Frees up time and resources for other pressing tasks
More efficient than traditional manual responses, which may sit in a queue or never be addressed
Reduces opportunities for human error, while increasing consistency and accuracy
Enables automated responses

Get the Right Information to the Right Place Within Seconds

Find out how our Rapid Routing Solution saves you time and money, and reduces errors.

Do More. Do It Faster. Do It Better.

Save time, save money, and reduce errors with Rapid Routing (R²)

  • Save Time

    When requests are processed manually, they may sit in the queue for hours or longer before they are sent to the appropriate team for response. R² instantaneously categorizes requests and sends them where they need to go, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Save Money

    Categorizing requests is normally an expensive and manual task performed by a team of people. R2 automates the message routing process leading to a boost in employee productivity.

  • Reduce Errors

    Using R2 to automatically categorize or suggest categories can increase consistency and accuracy. It can also help reduce the number of requests that fall into ambiguous categories such as “other,” which often lead to unnecessarily slow resolutions.


Industrial Packaging Company Saves More Than 2,000 Hours in Manual Email Sorting with Covail’s Rapid Routing Solution

What Is Rapid Routing?

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