Covail Rapid Routing (R²) Solution

Improve customer experience while saving time and money through artificial intelligence (AI).

Rapid Routing is a more consistent, accurate, and efficient approach to automated routing that gets information to the right place faster and more accurately. It uses machine learning (ML) algorithms, robotic process automation (RPA), and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to instantaneously respond to many inquiries by chat, email, or phone.

Download the Fact Sheet to learn more about how Rapid Routing can save you time, boost cost savings and improve customer satisfaction.

Download the Fact Sheet

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatically categorizes and routes requests to appropriate teams for faster resolution

  • More efficient than traditional manual responses, which may sit in the queue or never be addressed

  • Frees up time and resources for other more business-centric or pressing tasks

  • Reduces opportunity for human error while increasing consistency and accuracy

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