Take the First Step to Mature Your Threat Intelligence Program—We Can Help

Threat intelligence (TI) programs come in all sizes and all levels of maturity. Through our Threat Intelligence Maturity Workshops, we help you identify where you can do better and connect you with peer organizations to help mature your program. Threat intelligence is only useful if it is practical and actionable. Covail’s security experts can help mature your threat intelligence program to optimize your security program.

Our Threat Intelligence Training Workshops Empower You to:

Advance your current security program
Create a plan to address vulnerabilities and prioritize alerts
Learn to identify the most common threats
Proactively mature your threat intelligence program and minimize risks
Validate security controls

Mature Your Threat Intelligence Program

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Threat Intelligence – Accelerated

The goals of Covail’s Threat Intelligence Workshops

During your workshop, Covail will work with your TI team to review and assess:

  • How this intelligence informs strategic and tactical decisions

  • How your TI team operationalizes IOCs (indicators of compromise) and finished intelligence reports

  • What your TI team considers to be intelligence and whether they understand and operate under intelligence requirements

  • What is most important to your organization’s decision makers

  • The current makeup of your security team

  • Whether intelligence data is organized and processed in a way that the entire TI team understands

  • Where they get their intelligence information from—articles, closed or paid feeds, dedicated open-source feeds, emails, or other sources

  • What critical functions need to be protected and how intelligence can inform those controls


Learn More About Our Threat Intelligence Training Workshops

Covail’s security experts can help mature your threat intelligence program and protect your business from internal and external threats via our Threat Intelligence Maturity Workshop. Participating in a Threat Intelligence Maturity Workshop will empower your security team to proactively mature its threat intelligence posture and minimize risk.

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