VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Threat-Smart Vulnerability Management Operations

Covail’s Vulnerability Management Solution (VMS) is designed with an easy-to-use tool where IT security teams can assess applications and network scans, understand threats on their attack surface, continuously track vulnerabilities, and manage priorities.

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Consistent, Holistic Visibility For Better Cybersecurity Risk Decisions

More than 75% of enterprise systems have at least one security vulnerability. And, attackers aren’t hesitating to take advantage. Our managed security service helps you know where and how to start building a consistent 360-degree view of cybersecurity attacks, risks, and threats. We will enable you to make more informed decisions about threat and vulnerability management.

Our Vulnerability Management Features Allow You to:

View a Common Operating Picture

Maintain ongoing situational awareness of threats as they relate to known vulnerabilities through trending threats and CVE® (common vulnerabilities and exposures) lists.

Break Down Vulnerabilities

Effectively understand your vulnerabilities by asset, by application, and by scan – as well as how they map to frameworks, from granular vulnerabilities like CWE™ (common weakness enumeration), to broad frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK™ and NIST. Ingest scheduled scan data and generate reports to frequently and continuously monitor changes to your attack surface.

Manage Exceptions

Discover what host, application, and vulnerability-type exceptions are expiring by tracking and reporting capabilities. Your team can resolve tracked exceptions through data cleaning, maintenance, and mitigations.

Monitor Your Risk Score

Evaluate your vulnerabilities, discovered assets, and applications based on an assigned risk score – composed of (V) = Vulnerabilities, (T) = Threats, and (R) = Ranking of your critical assets (i.e., VTR score).

Perform Custom Tagging

Tailor your asset & business system classification, filtering and reporting with host, application, and vulnerability tagging.

Run Analytics and Visualizations

Immediately access easy-to-reference charts and graphs that communicate your organizational security posture. Compare scan data to track progress and new changes.

Tap Into Our Security Expertise

Trust us to manage your external and/or internal scanning needs and provide expert analysis on prioritization, as well as convey this to your leadership team(s) through progress templates.

Prioritize Action by Mapping Known Threats to Vulnerabilities

Get a 360-degree View of IT Risk with VMS

Make informed decisions with our threat-based Vulnerability Management Solution

  • Administer quarterly risk-reporting data for upper management on risk posture over time.

  • Get a 360-degree view of systems by identifying controls, threats, and vulnerabilities across applications, assets, and devices.

  • Increase your security ROI by leveraging risk and threat intelligence frameworks on vulnerabilities to maximize effectiveness.

  • Know where to prioritize and take action and better understand the most critical risks and threats.

  • Produce monthly reviews and recommendations for risk adjustments and prioritizations based on your industry’s threat profile. Reduce your costs by outsourcing tool administration, scanning execution, and industry-specific threat intel.

  • Receive alerts on attacks, controls, threats, and vulnerabilities in a comprehensive way.

  • Support the accountability of your IT peers and security professionals.


Winning at Cyber
Risk Management

Combatting the new normal in vulnerability management – Where do you begin? Did you know that 82% of enterprise systems have at least one security vulnerability? Companies in every industry sector face serious cybersecurity risks and need to manage their vulnerabilities. But how?


Pandemic Tested – Understanding the Resiliency of your Business Rapidly with Integrated Risk Management

As the nation grinds through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are collectively experiencing a significant business continuity and disaster recovery situation, and it is happening in real-time.

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