Covail helps you discover how intelligent automation can enable better decision-making, saving time and money while getting better results. We partner with you using a human-centered approach to create solutions that work best for how you operate.

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Improve your decision-making and processes through Intelligent Automation

Our AI & A practice allows you to make data-enabled decisions through:

  • Focusing on the right problem

  • Ensuring the data is trusted and available

  • Bringing the appropriate technologies to bear

  • Supporting front-line staff in the new ways of working

Intelligent Operations (IO) Maturity Assessment

We start with an assessment of your current processes and needs. Our IO maturity assessment walks you through a tailored, proven approach to understanding your current capabilities, defined business objectives and measures, and priorities. From here, we can help determine next steps to mature and scale intelligent operations, a data-informed, AI-enabled, secure platform.

Intelligent Operations Roadmapping Sprint

Get the most out of your investment in Intelligent Automation. Covail Intelligent Operations Roadmapping Sprint goes beyond simple requirements solicitation and high-level strategy to deliver a thorough feasibility and ROI assessment of specific use cases backed by data quality reviews and detailed process mapping. The sprint is ideal for leaders who want to transform their organization through Intelligent Automation but need more advanced technical consulting to create a detailed roadmap of concrete, vetted use cases designed to deliver real value. Learn more

Intelligent Operations Solutions Development

We can help by providing experts to identify, design and deploy intelligent automation to achieve better results, faster processes, saved resources, and services at scale. From deep expertise in the disciplines of machine learning, artificial intelligence, RPA, and software development across a variety of tools, our data scientists and software engineers deliver fresh ideas and valuable innovative thinking. From POCs to solutions ready for QA and integration, Covail delivers intelligent automation to your business.

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Advisory Services

We can help build your internal capabilities by providing strategic guidance and advisory services. From deep expertise in the disciplines of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and software development, using primarily open-source tools and cloud computing, our data scientists deliver fresh ideas and valuable innovative thinking. Whether we are helping you kick-start an internal data analytics team or assisting in bringing together AI and product development, Covail is here to help.

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Machine-Learning Operations Services

Reach new levels of performance or complete with stronger advantages by embedding ML into your custom applications. Covail’s experts can ensure your products are fully using the latest data science and machine learning capability, so the value from your development efforts can be fully realized by the business. 


We help our clients achieve more

  • “Covail’s AI capabilities are transforming how we optimize and plan our current and future workforce. We’re excited to continue this work and expand it elsewhere throughout our operations.”

    Michael Krouse, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, OhioHealth

  • “The workshop engagement by Covail created an impressive number of use cases that will provide a significant lift to our organization once complete.”

    Thomas SavageDirector Internal Sales and Service, Nationwide

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