ENSURE THE TRUSTWORTHINESS OF YOUR BUSINESS WITH EXPERT CYBERSECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENTDiscover What Cybersecurity, Risk Management, and Trustworthiness Can Do for Your Business

Covail helps you better protect, secure, and grow your business by ensuring your cybersecurity program is effectively managing risk. Your business depends on trusted data and trustworthy systems. Our experts believe the most practical security solutions understand an adversary’s motives and capabilities.  Explore Our Solutions

Improve your cybersecurity, risk management, and trustworthiness capabilities

Trustworthy Operations Begin with Practical Cybersecurity Solutions

Our experts and solutions harness our cross-industry and cross-technology knowledge to deliver cybersecurity solutions that address what’s most important to make you more secure today:

Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management Solution (Managed Service)

Tame your vulnerability management program by first understanding your 360-degree view of risk. We can help you make more informed decisions about which mitigations are needed first based on threat models like Mitre ATT&CK.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

From offense-informed defense strategies to compliance with regulations, Covail delivers expert advisory services for your cybersecurity program based on your specific needs and ability.

Threat-Intelligence Workshops

Threat-intelligence programs come in all sizes and all levels of maturity. We help you identify where you can improve and connect you with a peer organization to help mature your program.

Security Community (ISAO)

Join our security community, also known as an information sharing and analysis organization (ISAO), to be a part of a trusted peer-to-peer network of cross-industry experts who work together to improve the trustworthiness of essential technologies.

Government, Risk, & Compliance Assessments

Let our security experts assess the maturity of your cybersecurity program’s compliance with regulation. We can help you with recommended actions that not just comply, but protect.

Offensive Exercises

Understanding the offense is the best cybersecurity defense. Covail experts test your technical security control to give you the confidence that your network is protecting as intended against various attacks or threats.

Attack Detector Solution

The longer the intrusion detection time, the more damage attackers do, and the more likely they are to cause a breach. By boosting your detection capability with specialized monitoring for identity and access attacks, your incident responders can accelerate detection and response to stop the breach.

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  • “Our collaborative partnership with Covail is enabling us to rapidly improve our cyber risk and defense capabilities, equipping us to operate more confidently in the new digital world.”

    Brian Rice, Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

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