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Covail partners with your business to find ways to reduce risk and cost now, while building a better path to the future. Our collaborative partnering approach includes side-by-side work models, flexible offerings, and coordination with both business and IT leaders.

  • Services & Consulting


  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation (AI & A) Advisory Services

    Enjoy expert input and guidance on your AI & A journey.

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  • Cybersecurity Advisory Services

    Learn from expert advisors to mature your cybersecurity program.

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  • Intelligent Operations (IO) Maturity Assessment

    Understand your current capabilities, defined business objectives and measures, and priorities.

  • Government, Risk, & Compliance Assessments

    Assess the maturity of your cybersecurity program and address the issues that put it at risk.

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  • Offensive Exercises

    Get ahead of bad actors with simulations that allow you to assess how your technical security controls will respond to attacks.

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  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation (AI & A) Use Case Workshops

    Identify and prioritize opportunities that will add direct value to the organization.

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  • Threat-Maturity Workshops

    Mature your threat-intelligence program and establish trustworthiness with your customers.

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  • Managed Services


  • Machine-Learning Operations (MLOps) Managed Services

    Ensure that your model runs, returns results, and is accurate through continuous measurement and recalibration.


  • Security Communities (ISAO)

    Be part of a trusted peer-to-peer network (an information sharing and analysis organization (ISAO)) of cross-industry cybersecurity experts who work together to outsmart bad actors.

  • Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management Service

    Make more informed decisions about threat and vulnerability management.

  • Solutions

  • AI & A Custom Solutions Development

    Custom build a working solution that is ready for testing, quality assurance, and deployment.


  • Continuous Audit

    Reduce risk through the implementation of continuous auditing.


  • Predictive Staffing

    Effectively matches staffing levels to the anticipated demand.


  • Rapid Routing

    Efficiently route contact center requests to the appropriate resources.

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