Organizations must stay relevant, deliver high-quality services/products, and be responsive to customer needs.

New devices, data, and software-powered offerings all contribute to an ever-growing footprint of opportunity and risk. By applying advanced technologies, data, and expertise, companies can begin to evolve high-value business functions and processes into Intelligent Operations.

This new way of working drives incremental success while laying the groundwork for rapid future changes that support Digital Business. Intelligent Operations not only lower total cost of ownership for key business functions, they also enable businesses to continue transforming themselves from a position of strength.

Find out how we can improve your AI & Automation, and Cybersecurity capabilities

What are Intelligent Operations?

Intelligent Operations are operational functions or processes which leverage data, technology, expertise, and trustworthiness to increase the speed, efficiency, and quality of decisions needed to drive better customer experiences and business results. In order to support the agility and flexibility needed to realize their digital business aspirations, organizations must ensure that their Intelligent Operations are not only fast and effective but are also secure and trustworthy to remain relevant and competitive. Essential to Intelligent Operations is Expertise, Data, Technologies, & Trustworthiness.

A Holistic Approach Toward Intelligent Operations

Covail embeds trustworthiness across purposefully designed Intelligent Operations—composed of the right technologies, data, expertise, and trustworthiness—ensuring that organizations maximize their opportunity to optimize today while preparing to adapt and evolve. Lower total costs of ownership, increased automation, and AI-powered decision-making will be essential capabilities needed to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. Leveraging Covail’s proven solutions and diverse experts ensures you can successfully guide, architect, and implement Intelligent Operations that unlock your true potential and leave you ready to compete as a digital business in the future.


Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and other technologies equip and enable Intelligent Operations to process data at scale, sense and respond with intelligence, augment human decision-making, and rapidly take action.


Data is the fuel that powers Intelligent Operations. Before scaling, organizations must ensure that data is governed, its veracity is ensured, and that it is protected to ensure privacy and reduce enterprise risk.


Business process experts and Intelligent Operations specialists working together can unlock scalability potential by enabling real-time and higher-level decision-making within a trusted, technology-assisted environment.


Designed into all aspects of Intelligent Operations, trustworthiness enables the scalability and speed needed to produce superior value, without introducing unmanaged risks and biases.

Make Your Operations More Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Cybersecurity & Trustworthiness

We Partner with Our Clients to Achieve More

  • “Covail’s latest evolution is incredibly well-timed because, more than ever, leading companies will need trustworthy AI and software environments that rely on secure and private data. As we rethink how technology can be leveraged to great advantage in our business, we look forward to working with Covail as part of the ecosystem of partners Nationwide can rely on to help advance our growing digital business.”

    Jim Fowler, Chief Technology Officer, Nationwide

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